Crikey, September already? ¬†Although as I write, with the rain hammering against the window, I have the distinct feeling that someone has turned winter on! (I’m personally still holding out for an Indian summer).

It appears no sooner than the school holidays start, they are sadly all over.

For us at Otter Valley HQ, September has a sense of calm and reflection for all that has been achieved in our 8th season.

I know what your thinking, eight years?! We are not sure how that happened either – but one things for sure the saying ‘time flies when your having fun’ is certainly true to this family business. We have truly had a wonderful season not only thanks to our wonderful team, (their energy and positivity even on our long days made us continually smile with gratefulness) but also customers both old and new, whom we appreciate your loyalty, feedback and of course laughter of which there have been many!

It has been a season of incredible family highs for many reasons – gold medals won and of course for exciting ¬†news of planning consent for our new Ice Cream parlour. We can’t begin to tell you how excited we are for the next chapter.

Although we are a little reluctant to leave our wonderfully loyal summerhouses, moving them back and forth from the farm every single day, has taken its toll on them, and us. You’ll be pleased to hear we are not moving far – infact just to the field next door – but with separate parking, and indoor space our Ice Cream offerings and open hours can be extended. We are thinking Ice Cream waffles, sundaes, homemade cakes, light lunches…

The million dollar question…when will it be open? To be honest, we are not sure, these things take time – but we would like to think the middle of next year – we will be sure to keep you updated.

One thing is for sure we will still be the same family business, who are incredibly driven to create the best possible gelato style ice cream with first class customer service…